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Fender Cover Styles

  • EFC - A7
    EFC - A7
  • EFC - 13
    EFC - 13
  • EFC - 1
    EFC - 1
  • EFC - 4
    EFC - 4
  • EFC - 1
    EFC - 1

What sets our covers apart


Polyform uses a premium grade polyester yarn that is resitant to abrasion and UV exposure. Additionally, it resists water absorption better than other materials, keeping feders manageably light when wet.


Fender covers should be as tough as the fenders they protect. That was a criterion used in developing the Elite Fender Cover series.


The cover is woven on a special knitting machine that produces a seamless tube, meaning no seams to split. This method allows for a heavier, stronger yarn content resulting in a great fender cover that is built to last for many years, not just a season.